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Some of the many nice comments we have received about this site.

  Thank you ... for providing this resource ... For researchers and writers like me, this is a godsend.  I have depended on Summers' work for a quarter-century or more, and while it is wonderful, I've discovered many errors there -- plus the fact it ends in 1956.  You will be helping many folks like me.  I can't thank you enough.

   Jim C

     Forgive an intrusion from a stranger...just wanted to pay you a giant compliment on your site--somebody referred me to it the other, hadn't seen it before.  I am SO impressed with the amount of work that must have taken, and the information there helped me answer a couple of longstanding OTR research questions in the snap of a finger.  I sent ... and some other friends to the site, straightaway!!! 

   Chris C

  I was glad to see someone tackled the huge job of putting this information together. It makes a fascinating research tool. This covers the period of time when I listened to many programs in the New York area...

  I've been using your incredible site for the last couple of weeks, and would like to thank you both for the work you've put in.  It's a tremendous resource for all of us.

This is the Best tool available to radio enthusiasts!
I've used it on numerous occasions already, and was able to find information on shows that simply doesn't exist, elsewhere. Hat's off to ... for their hard work.

   Thanks SO much for this link, I never saw this site've just guaranteed I won't come out of the house all weekend.


   Just visited the site, and it is superb. It takes you back to 1940 like a time machine. Thanks for a great job!

   ...your website is a very important resource site and I appreciate your hard and valuable work very much.

   This is a priceless resource and all OTR fans and collectors should immediately induct you into the collectors' hall of fame.

   Kenneth S

   I grew up in NY state in the listening to many programs in the 1940s and 1950s and have since collected many OTR recordings. I associate many of the events and places in my life with programs that I was listening to then. The logs are fascinating and it is interesting to follow the development of programming in the 30s into the 40s (radio’s best years in my opinion) and the following decline in the 50s.

   Pete K

Thanks a lot for your great resource. I send out circulars to update my Fats Waller book, and I'll mention the URL of your site in that.

   Stephen T

WOW! This is fabulous. Referred to this site by ********.
THANKS for all the work.

(grew up in Chicago 1949-1967)

    Tom J

After losing access to the ***** archival newspapers which I used in researching OTR I especially bemoaned the fact that the logs were not available anymoreYour website is a very important resource site and I appreciate your hard and valuable work very much.

   Irene H

I just stumbled upon your site today, and I can't tell you how awed I am by it.  You've given the OTR community an impressive and important research tool.  I'm sure this must have taken a tremendous amount of work, and I just wanted you to know it's appreciated.

   Darrin D

Your website is a very important resource site and I appreciate your hard and valuable work very much.

Just wanted to drop you a line and give you a great big thanks for your hard work in putting together the Newspaper OTR logs.  You are my kind of people.  Keep up the good work.

   Eddie S

Just a note to say how much I enjoy browsing through these logs. Being a great fan of the Golden Age of Radio it's great to be able to see what the day to day listening schedules were like.

   Darrell C

What a great resource you have put together!

   Blake M

I've been looking for a site such as yours for the past two years, but never put in the proper (or correct) words to reach your site. I was about to start some research myself at a local university, working primarily with [ugh!] microfische, to ascertain what you have provided here. I'm in the process of writing my childhood memoirs relating to radio listening, and the radio logs are a great way to bring back memories.

   Gordon V

  ... This is an incredible wealth of information, useful on many different levels.  A superb resource for the both the serious researcher, and the occasional curious hobbyist.
     THANKS so much for this information!

   Stephen J

Your log site is fantastic. Many thanks from someone who has laboriously gone through the NYTimes -- and didn't have access to the other pages.

Every otr researcher owes you a tremendous debt of gratitude.

   Susan S

Just a hearty "Thank You" for the work you have done. A bit of immortality. Please keep going. ...


   Fred F

... This site is a fantastic gift to all of us. I recommend it as a unique birthday gift for friends.
Print out the page and let 'em see what was on the air the day they were born.
 I note with interest that the Tarzan radio show was scheduled on my birthday in 1952. I never knew this show was ever on the radio till the 1990s. I managed to win an award from a Georgia journalists group with a short critique of it for Georgia Public Radio. A cool, unexpected connection for me.
 Again, thanks for a fabulous research tool.

   Patricia F

I want to thank you tremendously for what you have provided. I am a OTR collector and have been since I was 12 .... I used to research for radio listings through the microfilms of the New York Times ... This brings back memories you made it possible.

Another amazing things is that three of the newspapers are from cities which were considered the major radio capitals of the regions at that time (New York for the East Coast, Los Angeles for the West, and Chicago for the Midwest).

Thank you again and keep up the great work...

   Rubin T

I just found your web site and think it is.GREAT.  Reading the Chicago Tribune's  Radio Page brings back a lot of memories.

I don't know how long you have been working on this project but you must have spent many hours, days weeks and years.

You must have real passion for Old time radio. Great job. Thank for sharing with the world.

   Frank M


   David P

Worthwhile, WOW!! I can find no other reference as great as yours! I'm really looking forward to your "search feature."

I'm quite a radio history buff, having owned 5 Indiana stations and buying/selling a few construction permits in the 1970's/80's. I grew up in Chicago and the "Tribune radio page" is great reading for me.

  Tom J

And thanks for creating this fantastic tool!  This is the greatest things since Before sliced bread!!

   Pete C have a fabulous web site. I look forward to using it for any question about OTR that I will have in the future. Thank you so much.

I just wanted to write and say thank you for this site. I create radio station mods for the game *****, a WWII U.S. submarine simulation. Using your site, I was able to program my latest
station with the actual airtimes of nearly all the episodic and news audio I had that covered the game's timeframe. And I'll be using it again soon to doublecheck the airtimes for those stations I created before I found your wonderful site.

So again, thank you so much for doing this!

   Fred B

        Thanks for these great logs. I am a bug for finding out just when shows were on. I actually have traced the endless moves of the Line-Up! I am a co-producer of Radio Classics at ***** Community College.... We do recreations of shows like Duffy’s tavern, The Fat Man and Bold Venture... I plan on using your logs to show the radio schedule of that day...

Thank-you for the good work. I check your site practically daily.

   Bob B

... and the New Improved Search Engine is a huge help to me.

I'm nominating you guys for 'OTR Sainthood'

   Peter C

Great and informative site. You must have put a lot of time and effort
into this.

   L. M. C.