To compliment the standard radio logs, most newspapers carry supplimental articles which provide expanded or detailed information contained in that day's radio schedule.  (This site refers to these articles as "Radio Highlights")  These articles can provide essential information for the OTR researcher.  Detailed information such as missing episode titles, stars, guest stars, etc.  Much of this information was originally provided by the networks to the newspapers and is not located in any other resource.  

Search Radio Highlights

Presently files for the years 1939 - 1957 have been uploaded and are searchable. Additional files (including files for these dates will be added in the near future.


      Radio Highlights contains over 20,000 files.  The files have been compiled from the following newspapers:

BPT - Bridgeport Telegram/Post CDT - Chicago Daily Tribune LBP - Long Beach Press-Telegram
LMN - Lima News SAE - San Antonio Express WSJ- Wisconsin State Journal
  WP - Washington Post